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Advance Your Certification

Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice, share your passion with others, and embark on a fulfilling career path?

With our advanced programs Gilbert Yoga College stands out as the only specialized school in the Southwest focusing exclusively on yoga.

Our comprehensive training blends traditional and modern teachings, empowering you to become an exceptional yoga teacher in your chosen concentration.

Enhance your professional development at Gilbert Yoga College with our focused training programs:

  • 500-hour Master Training for comprehensive skill advancement in a single program

  • 300-hour Advanced Training for building on a previously acquired 200-hour certification

  • 85-hour Prenatal Program for specialized knowledge in supporting expectant mothers

  • 95-hour Children's Yoga Program, tailored to engage young minds in yoga

  • Each course is designed for depth and specificity, fostering professional growth in distinct areas of yoga teaching

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